Monday, March 25, 2013

Satsuma Labor

A couple of month ago, my parents offered to give us their old juicer.  Winter was coming and we anticipated a new crop of citrus fruit.

Every time I told BF I was stopping by my parents' house, he reminded me to pick up the juicer.  Every time I left my parents' house, I forgot to pick up the juicer.  It became a running joke to BF when pointing out numerous satsumas falling onto the ground.  

One day I lost my temper and yelled out, "Forget my parents' juicer and go buy your own!"

While were strolling the aisles of BJ's Wholesale Club, BF spotted a juicer.  Since I felt guilty for yelling, I decided the $15 bucks was worth a peace offering.  I encouraged BF to buy the juicer.  Little did I know how much the peace offering was really going to cost me.  

Are you familiar with satsumas?  They're citrus fruits that are sweet and juicy.  They're also small.  Good-sized satsumas are the size of a tennis ball.  This means you have to squeeze many satsumas to yield a noteworthy amount of liquid.  

The process is fairly simple.  Cut the fruit in half.  Stick the half in between the press and strainer  Then press the lever down.  Yeah, it seemed easy until BF plopped down a heavy basket. 
This was the last batch of the season.  Now our trees are bare.  I wanted to make sure I extracted as much juice as possible with each satsuma.  
Two and half hours later, the fruits of my labor were proudly displayed on the the kitchen counter.  

When I told my mom about my satsuma labor story, she reminded me of their proffered juicer.  

Mama M, "Why don't you take our juicer?"
TMF, "Nah, don't worry about it.  We already bought this one."
Mama M, "But this is an electric juicer."
TMF, "So?"
Mama, "All you have to do is throw in the fruit and you're done.  No cutting, no squeezing."
TMF, "Sigh."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Off the Map

I'm not quite sure where I developed my fondness for maps.  One reason may be to my complete lack of navigation skills.  I am horrible at reading maps.  I'm lucky to be able to figure out which way is north.  My horrible sense of direction is probably why I like using maps as artwork at home and work. 

My latest venture in home decorating includes these neat maps.  I recently read a Jacksonville Magazine article on Jenna Sue.  I was instantly drawn to her simple designs and lovely color options.  I also liked the idea of supporting a local artist/business.  

To add to the Jacksonville theme, these old frames have been sitting in a box for months.  While cleaning out a storage closet at work, I came across some old marketing pieces.  The prints were dated circa 1991 and taking up precious storage space.  

I could tell the frames and mattes were high quality.  I decided to reuse every part of the old frame except for the dark red inner matte.  I didn't have the heart to remove the actual print ad.  Instead the maps were gently taped on the backside of the foam board.  

BF, "You DO know our house isn't on these maps, right?"
TMF, "Yes, I know but I still love them!"

BF insisted on pointing out the fact our house is located below the area where the map cuts off.  Whatever.  Details, details.  The maps are still beautiful.  Who cares that our house is off the map?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Farewell Unwelcoming Door

We finally have a new kitchen door.  When we moved into the house, I was a little perturbed at the glass door leading from the kitchen to the carport.  I’m neither a recluse nor an exhibitionist.  I prefer to have a little privacy between me and the outside world. 

The previous door featured a full length panel of clear glass.  I think a full glass panel is great for internal doors or doors leading to the backyard or patio.  If a pedestrian or cyclist stopped to view the house, they could stare straight into the kitchen.  This is the reason why I used blue painter’s tape to hang brown construction paper to cover the door’s glass window.  Nothing is more unwelcoming than seeing taped up windows.  

BF found this steel door on sale at Lowe’s.  It’s the best of both worlds.  The smaller window lets in light while offering privacy with the inset mini-blinds.  

The door tested BF's Tetris skills with fitting in the back of my SUV.  I thought we would have to drive home with the back window open, but I was wrong.  I love riding with my car seat adjusted fully towards the glove compartment.
Swoosh!  The mini-blinds are closed and no one can see in.  

Swish!  Let there be light.

Squeek.  Peek out and spy on the neighbors.  Just kidding.