Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fences & Neighbors

I'm not sure when the hole in the fence first started to appear. The wood panels were old and rotted. We knew the fence needed to be replaced, but it wasn't a high priority. At one point, BF tried propping up a fallen panel with a shovel. The panel would fall over during a strong storm. It looked really tacky.

Then one day the panel broke away and it was pointless trying to salvage it. We were left with a gaping hole in the fence. While we were determining our next projects, I begged BF to fix this one area of fencing before anything else. 

As I was away one evening, BF tore down the remainder panels of the old fence. Now there's nothing. 

I feel a little exposed. Although there was nothing stopping neighbors from looking inside the backyard with the gaping hole, now there's nothing. 

The house is located on fairly busy road. I know it's probably a crazy notion in my mind, but I feel every car driving by looks at the house and judges. 

"Oh, that's THE house."

"When are they ever going to fix the fence?"

"What is going on in there?"

"Who lives in THAT house?"

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