Monday, July 29, 2013

Auger Impressions

During a weeknight dinner at home...

TMF, "Do you have what you need to build the fence?"
BF, "I have almost everything."
TMF, "Do you have an auger?"

Long pause.  BF, "Wow, I'm impressed." 

BF, "What do YOU know about augers?"
TMF, "Don't be too impressed, I don't know anything about augers. I think I heard about them on TV."
BF, "Do you know how they work?"
TMF, "Uh... how they work?"

I started guessing with a long description. There was talk of a device with a double shovel attached to a motor that digs into the ground. As I continued describing what I saw in mind, I realized how ridiculous I sounded. I eventually realized I was describing a pair of food tongs.

BF stopped me and suggested I imagine a huge screw or drill bit attached to a driver that digs into the ground. 

BF, "What I think you're picturing is a post hole digger."
TMF, "A what? Oh yeah, I guess I am. So not an auger?"
BF, "No."

He proceeded to demonstrate by using a borrowed auger in the backyard.

TMF, "Oh! So that's what an auger looks like."
BF, "It's a pretty simple machine."
TMF, "Wow, I feel pretty silly after describing what I thought an auger looks like."

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