Friday, August 2, 2013

Upcycled Wall Plates

BF had day off work during the middle of the week. As we sat on the couch to discuss the day's events...

BF, "Would you mind turning off the kitchen sink light?"
Although I thought it was strange how he asked me to stand up and walk across the room to turn off a light, I indulged him.

As I started to flip the switch, I noticed, "Oooo, you added a wall plate!"

BF, "Yup, do you like it?"
TMF, "Wait, you installed these plates on all the switches and outlets in the kitchen. Did you buy them at Lowe's?
BF, "Nope."

TMF, "Are they plastic ones you spray painted?"
BF scoffed, "Uuuh NO! They're stainless steel."
TMF (circa 1995 Clueless), "Oh, MY bad. Where did you get them?"

BF's step-grandfather, Mr. B, worked as a carpenter for Prudential in the 1970s and 1980s. During those times, the company actually had on-site carpenters who built every single desk, counter, plaque, shelf and bookcase. 

Because he grew up during the depression, Mr. B developed hoarder habits. After he passed away, BF's parents generously allowed us to take whatever looked interesting from Mr. B's estate. I came home with lots of kitchenware and miscellaneous household items. BF selected fishing supplies, tools and numerous old Prudential building paraphernalia. 

There were doorknobs, hinges and most importantly wall plates. For the longest time, I thought I would never have the outlet and light switch boxes covered. As soon as BF explained they were from Mr. B's old Prudential days, I realized the plates must have been displaced in a random box for many months. Oops.

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