Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet Peter

It's been a few weeks since I have posted. I have a few good excuses, but this little guy is best reason why BF and I haven't completed any tasks.

BF and I recently welcome Peter (aka Petey, Stinky Pete, Peter McPuddle Pants, Sneaky Pete) into our home. 
We're not sure if it's an exclusive beagle trait, but he's definitely BFC (Built for Comfort).

Peter is very good-natured but extremely hyper, chews everything and wants to play with everyone. This makes Bailey, our 12-year old beagle, very grumpy. Ironically when it comes to naps, they can be friends.

He's a keeper.

Another reason why I haven't posted is due our recent trip to the Seattle Area with our friend PM. We visited my friend AN, BF's Uncle Bill and cheered on the Jaguars while they lost to the Seahawks (it's a rebuilding year).


As soon as Peter takes a nap and we move our booties off the couch, I'll start posting again.

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