After seven exhausting months of house hunting, Internet searches, turned down offers, stress, and hope, my husband (BF) and I (TMF) bought a house in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. 

The house is a huge fixer-upper, but it has lots of potential.  The house was a previous foreclosure and there were “interesting” tenants living inside up until the day we closed. 

BF and the Wonder Beagle

We are on a tight budget and a semi-tight timeline.  BF loves Craigslist and saving as much money as possible.  We both work full time jobs and feel guilty when leaving Bailey, our beloved 11-year-old beagle, by himself for long periods of time. 

Some interesting facts...

  • BF is extremely handy and I am not.  This is the source of many jokes and frustrations. 
  • BF is very optimistic and I am not.  This is the source of many arguments and sighing.
  • BF is coordinated and I am clumsy.  This is why I stay out of his way.
  • BF doesn’t mind physical labor and I do mind physical labor.  This is why I cook his dinner and wash his clothes. 

This blog was created to highlight the differences between BF and myself. I find it amazing how little I know about home renovations.  I really do laugh at myself A LOT.  

Although it feels great to be a homeowner, I sometimes feel frustrated because of the massive renovations that need to be completed before we move.  The to-do list seems to grow every time I think one project is done.  I wonder if I sound like a broken record when asking, “What did we get ourselves into?” 

I hope you enjoy our adventures in renovating our first home. 

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