Saturday, September 28, 2013

Window Film Lessons

One of the joys of living a home built more than 20 years ago is how energy INefficient it can be. Although the live oak trees offer lots of shade, one side of the house feels very hot in the summertime.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing all the windows, we decided apply to a band-aid. BF slapped on window film to help reflect the very hot summer heat. Not only does the window film reflect sun rays, but it provides privacy too. 

The upstairs windows were custom built and feature a unique shape. Usually BF looks at these windows with appreciation and fondness. It was the opposite case when applying the film. BF learned the film wanted to stick to itself. It’s impossible to UNstick the film once it attaches it itself. I relate window film to plastic food wrap. 


Spraying the film solution helped. It encourages the film to stick to windows without wrinkling or sticking to itself. 

Some lessons learned about applying window film:

  • It doesn't matter how handy or talented you are; this is a TWO person job.
  • Use ample amounts of spray solution. The solution reduces static which helps unstick the film.
  • Be gentle. The film is very delicate and can and WILL tear very easily.
  • Remember to use a sharp blade when cutting the excess film. If you don't, you'll become very annoyed when the films starts shredding.
  • There's a learning curve. The first window may take up 30-45 minutes, but the second window will be completed within 15 minutes. Take your time.
  • If there's any doubt on whether you should install window film, do it. You'll wish you did it sooner.

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