Friday, May 25, 2012

IKEA: Round #3

I bet you're wondering, "How many times can that crazy girl drive to Orlando to shop at IKEA?"

The answer is, "As many times as it takes!"

Round #3 took place all by myself and on a Friday.  IKEA Shopping during a weekday was heavenly.  I took my sweet *ss time browsing through the showroom.  I was able to travel against the directional arrows and relocate items I placed on the "maybe" list. 

I even noticed the catchy music playing throughout the store.  Then again, how can you miss hearing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" when it's being hummed by fellow shoppers?

I bought curtains, curtain rods, trash cans, towel rails and wardrobe accessories.

There were high hopes in attempting to lift the boxes for my new Expedit Workstation.  I laughed at myself when the smaller box barely moved after I pushed and pulled it around the shelf.  Oh well, next time.
The IKEA gods must have been kindly looking down at me because I managed to manuever BF's new Malm dresser onto a flatbed card. 

Then IKEA gods started to have fun as I pushed the cart in the parking lot.  I noticed an IKEA employee climbing into his car.  I assumed he was taking a break at the same time I unloaded the dresser.

The employee had a first row seat in seeing my struggle with the heavy box.  Oh my, I lost count as to how many times I tried to lift and push the box.  I kept thinking, "This is SO embarassing having this guy watch me!"

As soon as a sympathetic shopper asked if I needed help, I miraculously lifted the box and slid it across the truck bed.  Sheesh, great timing.

I'm not sure Bailey enjoys the new dresser as much as BF.  We previously used boxes to store BF's clothes. 
Bailey used the boxes as hidey places for his toys.  Now those boxes are gone...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tin Man

TMF, "Oh my gosh, you look like the Tin Man."
BF, "Really?"
TMF, "Look at your hands and feet.  They're covered in paint!"
BF, "Oops."

When I prep and paint walls, BF lectures me on wearing protective gear.  Gloves, masks, painting suits, blah blah blah.

I'm not sure if he was excited to paint the staircase or perhaps he completely forgot, but he didn't wear any protective gear.  The metallic paint clung onto everything. 

He walked into the house and I gasped.  He probably thought I was overeacting when I lectured him on wearing protective gear.  Then he looked at himself in the mirror. 
BF, "Oh wow, I am the Tin Man."
TMF, "See?"

The camera doesn't catch all of the metallic paint, but trust me, it was everywhere.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slanted Drawers

TMF, "I know I'm not crazy, but I think the bathroom sink cabinets are shifting"
BF, "Let's take a look."

TMF, "See how the drawers are slanting together?"
BF, "'re right."

After an adjustment, the cabinet drawers are perfectly aligned. 

After a few days, the drawers are slanted again.  I point out the issue.  BF hangs the bathroom cabinet with stronger wall anchors.

After a few more days, the drawers are slanted again. 

TMF, "Um, I think the drawers are moving again."
BF, "Are you kidding me?  Again?"

BF investigates and gives a long sigh.
TMF, "Did you figure it out?"
BF, "Yup.  The left side is attached to a stud, while the right side isn't."

TMF, "I know!  We can buy those IKEA legs!"
BF, "We might have to."

Unfortunately there are only two options
A)  GODMORGONLeg, round, stainless steel
Min. height: 16 1/8 "Max. height: 17 3/8 "

B) GODMORGONLeg, round, stainless steel

Min. height: 8 5/8 "Max. height: 9 7/8 "

At my request, BF hung the cabinet 12 inches from the floor.  The counter top sits at my waist level.  I detest low counter tops.  When applying eyeliner in the bathroom of our old town home rental,  I always felt as if I was a giantess hunching over the counter.  Also I wanted enough room to keep storage baskets underneath.

As of now, there is an out-of-place 2X4 holding up the cabinet.  I don't want to raise or lower the cabinet's height. 

I'm not sure how BF will solve the slanted cabinet issue, but I'm sure it'll look great.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pressure Wash Graffiti

Before BF painted, he pressure washed the spiral staircase.

I walked into the carport and discovered BF's new way to artistically express himself. 

I assume Bailey was the inspiration.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why 25?

BF decided to follow his own advice.  He purchased a bag of gloves for the second coat of metallic paint on the spiral staircase.

BF, "Look at the bag."
TMF, "Why?"
BF, "Just look at the bag and tell me what you see."

I stare at the bag for a few seconds.  Then realize what I'm supposed to see.

TMF, "Why are there 25 gloves in the bag?"
BF, "Exactly."
TMF, "That's a strange and odd number."
BF, "Right.  The other choices were a 10-pack or 50-pack."
TMF, "Well that doesn't makes sense."

I minored in economics in college.  It hasn't helped much these days because I don't like deciphering graphs or calculating percentages. 

TMF, "Perhaps they came up with 25 because 26 wouldn't hit the profit margin.  You know, something with the law of diminishing returns."
BF, "Come on."
TMF shrugs, "Then you figure it out!"

I'm not sure if BF is bored or if it's because he's a boy, but he starts playing with one glove. 

He attempts to fit it over his BIG head.  He fails.

Surprise, surprise.  The glove snaps and rips apart.

BF laughs, "That's why there's 25!"

Did I really marry this guy of my own free will?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silver Spiral Staircase

A few months ago, I thought the plan was to powder coat the spiral staircase.  After asking for a few estimates, we learned powder coating the staircase would be more expensive than the actual staircase. 

I'm not saying powder coating is expensive and we did buy the staircase at a salvage yard, but BF wanted a less expensive alternative.

Our alternative was to paint the staircase with the paint sprayer.  I say "our" when I really mean "his." 

BF, "What color do you want to paint the staircase?"
TMF, "Hmmm...I would like it to be silver."
BF, "Like gray?"
TMF, "No, silver.  As in metallic silver."

BF, "Don't you want a crazy color like bright red or orange?"
TMF, "No!  I want silver.  As in a brushed nickel or aluminum."
BF, "Come on.  A crazy color will be fun."
TMF raises eyebrow.
BF, "I don't think they (the collective 'they') make metallic paint."

I perform a little internet research.  I find most paint brands can be mixed to have a metallic sheen.  BF finds something better.  He discovers the Rust-Oleum Professional Gloss Aluminum paint.  It's awesome!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bigger Baseboards

BF,  "I found these baseboards at Lowe's.  They are in stock and inexpensive.  What do you think?"
TMF, "Hmmm..."

BF, "Well?"
TMF, "I don't like them."

BF, "Why not?"
TMF, "I like bigger baseboards."

BF, "Bigger as in wider?"
TMF, with lots of hand gesturing, "Yeah, as in wider, higher, taller.  You know, bigger."
Fortunately BF found a way to make me happy and not return the cumbersomely* long baseboards.  We decided to use the smaller, short baseboards as trim around windows. 
 The process of installing baseboards takes longer than I would have thought.  I think there's something about with a miter saw and 90 degree angles. 

I may have upset BF even more with another request.

TMF, "Are you painting the baseboards with flat paint?"
BF, "Yes, why?"
TMF, "I would really like the living/dining room's baseboards to be painted with semi-gloss or satin paint."
BF gives me a long look.

*I love using the word "cumbersome."  It's such a fun word, but it sounds very formal.  My 10th grade chemistry teacher said it all the time.  It's stuck with me ever since. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bay Waves to Polished Silver

Phone conversation during work hours...
TMF, "I have something to ask you, but you can't be mad."
BF, "Uh oh, what is it?"
Long pause
TMF very quietly,"Uh...I want to repaint the living and dining room."

BF, "Wow, really?  You almost gave me a heart attack.  I thought something was really wrong."
TMF, "Well, I didn't want you to be mad at me for repainting another room again."
BF, "As long as I can go fishing Friday night, I don't care." 

After the debacle of the dark purple/gray paint in the master bedroom, I was terrified of selecting the wrong color for the living/dining room.

I originally wanted a pale shade of gray-ish blue.  I chickened out and bought a five gallon bucket of the paler shade named Bay Waves.
I should have gone with my gut feeling.  I should have selected the next shade up, but I painted two coats of Bay Waves.

For a week, I walked around, stared at the walls and contemplated whether I should re-paint.  After visiting the Jacksonville Downtown Main Library, I knew I had another weekend of painting.  The library's interior walls were the inspiration for my original color choice. 

Fortunately I had a great experience at the Lowe's paint department.  They added more color to the remaining 3 1/2 gallons of existing semi-gloss paint.  Duane perfectly matched my new color choice of Polished Silver.  This was done free of charge.  I wanted to reach across the counter and give Duane a big hug.  I stopped myself.   

To make things more interesting, I decided to keep some of the old/lighter color and painted stripes. 

I thought about painting a neat chevron pattern.  Then I realized this wall wasn't high enough.  Oh well.  Maybe in another room.